How Diamond Scheduler Became A Constant Ally For WACH

Case study:
How using Diamond Schedulers' key features helped WACH to save time, manage venues, and update complex schedules on the fly for a growing league.

In the heart of Colorado, the Women's Association of Colorado Hockey (WACH) is a dynamic organization committed to advancing women's hockey across the state. 

WACH, an entity driven by passion, is led by a dedicated team of five volunteer board members. The organization oversees five divisions, comprising a total of 38 teams, and boasts an impressive registration of approximately 700 players, coaches, and staff.

At the helm of this juggernaut is Kristin Shimer, the board of directors Vice President and Executive Scheduler. 

Kristin has been associated with WACH since 2012 as a player, but her role as VP of the board of directors, who is also responsible for scheduling, has placed her at the epicenter of the organization's logistical challenges.

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The challenge: Quickly securing ice time and creating schedules for a growing league

Scheduling in the world of women's hockey is a formidable task. The period from August to October is particularly grueling, as this is when Kristin's role is at its busiest.

With 38 teams scattered across 15 different rinks, some quite a distance apart, the art of creating a seamless schedule becomes a logistical maze. 

During this time, Kristin collaborates closely with team captains, organizations and rinks to navigate the labyrinth of options and produce a workable schedule.

One of the most significant challenges faced by WACH is fighting for rink time as a growing women’s hockey league. This a constant challenge as many rinks are seeing increased popularity of youth and men's hockey, which leaves limited ice times for adult Women's leagues.

The battle to carve out decent ice times requires Kristin to be quick and create on-the-fly schedule changes to secure venues. The ability to swiftly adapt to unforeseen circumstances is critical, as failure to find rapid solutions can result in the loss of coveted ice time. 

This can be a severe setback for an organization with more games than ever before to schedule as it can push back games as well as disturb the rhythm and momentum of players.

In addition to venue bookings and scheduling changes, managing five divisions requires the implementation of complex constraints as each team captain consistently relays their practice time and play time availability to Kristin.

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The solution: A professional scheduling tool that handles complex constraints

Amid these challenges, Diamond Scheduler emerged as the beacon of hope for WACH. Kristin Shimer first discovered this scheduling software when she assumed the role of Vice President. 

Her predecessor introduced her to Diamond Scheduler, emphasizing its importance and its key features which Kristin utilized daily. Venue constraints presented themselves as a key feature as rink availability was limited and shared with multiple organizations.

Kristin also noted Diamond Scheduler’s indicators that helped her with keeping track of what scheduled games have been moved or rescheduled. 


Via Colorado Women's Ice Hockey Facebook 

These features are an added plus, but Kristin appreciates Diamond Scheduler’s auto-schedule function, which provided a robust foundation for the schedule, effectively reducing the margin for human error and saved a lot of time compared to manual scheduling.

Kristin also noticed, compared to other alternative software, that Diamond Scheduler’s pricing was more affordable than other platforms especially since the platform offered more complex constraints.

Most importantly, even though Diamond Scheduler has helped the organization, she appreciates their responsive support team and their openness to receive suggestions on features and improvements, which will also help the platform be up-to-date with its scheduler's needs.


Via Colorado Women's Ice Hockey Facebook 

The result: Diamond Scheduler becoming an ally to WACH

The results of implementing Diamond Scheduler into Kristin's scheduling process became a solid win. 

Even though Kristin is still learning the software, she states, “Without Diamond Scheduler we'd probably have to talk to all the captains in person about their ice times and work on a spreadsheet by hand and that’s crazy.”

The software has helped to streamline WACH's scheduling processes, saving invaluable hours. With Diamond Scheduler's features, venue constraints, rescheduled games tracker and one-click auto-schedule feature, Kristin has experienced the power of the software, significantly reducing the time and effort required to manage the complex array of games.

“Overall Diamond Scheduler is the in-depth tool that we use to organize our games. With 15 rinks and 38 teams it’s pretty intimidating to try and figure out on your own,” says Kristin. “With a hit of the auto schedule button, Diamond Scheduler gives you a decent start, then I [go in] and tweak things.”

While it's challenging to quantify the exact number of hours saved, the tangible benefits are undeniable. The software has allowed Kristin to focus on other critical aspects of the organization, ensuring everyone gets to play hockey.

It has also made last-minute adjustments less daunting, reducing the risk of losing precious ice time. The Women's Association of Colorado Hockey faced formidable scheduling challenges that could have overwhelmed most organizations. 

With Diamond Scheduler as their ally, it demonstrates how the right software can make a significant difference. WACH found a reliable solution that not only streamlined their scheduling but also saved time and secured them valuable ice time. 

Deidra Hunter is a former athlete that now thrives as a content marketer and brand strategist. Her passion for sports has enabled her to contribute to diverse branding, content creation, and writing projects. In her downtime, she engages in lively discussions about sports and business with her friends and family. 

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