MSA Keeps Costs Down With A Streamlined Scheduling Process

Case study:
Learn how Missoula Softball Association acquired more time to focus on sponsorship and fundraising opportunities with the help of Diamond Scheduler streamlining their complex scheduling process.
Missoula, Montana

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Missoula, Montana, the Missoula Softball Association thrives with a membership of 150 teams and 1600 to 1800 players. At the helm is Laura Verhaeghe, the President of the Board of Directors, steering the organization through its goals and challenges. 

In this case study, we explore challenges faced by the league and the impact Diamond Scheduler has had on operations and league goals.

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The challenge: Orchestrating softball in Missoula

Meet Laura Verhaeghe, a stalwart with a decade of service on the Board of Directors, currently leading the organization as President. 

Managing the diverse needs of 150 teams, a lean program, and a staff of volunteers, Laura's role is dedicated to overseeing the success and future growth of the league. On a daily basis, Laura has to make high-level decisions that not only affect day-to-day league operations but also its tight-knit softball community. 

The challenges? Rising costs, running a lean program, and the perpetual struggle to keep players engaged amidst financial constraints. The pressure to keep costs down requires “out of the box” thinking.

Laura is faced with quenching the expenses of the league through the implementation of events, fundraising campaigns, and sponsorship opportunities. 

“I'd love everybody to participate in these programs for free, but that's never going to be the case. So the challenge is always finding the time to ensure we can fundraise and keep things at a reasonable level to keep folks around,” says Laura.

Being able to tackle this challenge will help us keep our players happy and continue a positive growth trajectory in our league; however, these operational tasks are time-consuming. 

Securing sponsors and creating fundraisers means a lot of time used to speaking to different key stakeholders, ensuring their brand is represented correctly, building relationships, engaging with the community and more—the tasks are neverending.

Acknowledging this challenge, upon moving into the role of President, Laura understood she needed to focus on high-level decisions and not the scheduling woes that may appear.

The Missoula Softball Association needed software to help streamline and generate schedules with complex constraints while being able to integrate with the sports management platform, SportsEngine. 

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Via Missoula Softball Association Facebook Page

The solution: Diamond Scheduler takes the field

Enter Diamond Scheduler, a professional scheduling software that integrates with the SportsEngine platform. Initially introduced as a suggestion when the SportsEngine scheduling feature lacked robust scheduling options, Diamond Scheduler proved to be the perfect fit for the league. 

Diamond Scheduler offered Laura and her team a wide range of features such as a one-click schedule generator, venue constraints, and distance constraints. Laura preferred the desktop version of the software compared to the web version, as it offered additional features such as bulk edits and mass selection.

Her favorite feature by far was the “bird’s-eye” view, or as Laura described it a 40,000.ft zoomed-out view of all the schedules and divisions. 

Most importantly, the software automatically checked for scheduling conflicts without Laura and her team having to manually review the schedule for errors, this became an automatic time saver.

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Laura and her board recognized the convenience and efficiency Diamond Scheduler brought, and the added plus was its integration feature—seamlessly communicating with SportsEngine.

The result: Time savings and smooth workflows

The implementation of Diamond Scheduler was a game-changer for the Missoula Softball Association. Laura attests to the smoother workflow and increased nimbleness it brought to their operations. 

With nearly 20 different schedules for leagues in the summer and fall sessions combined, it currently takes 60 to 80 hours to create a schedule with Diamond Scheduler; however, without the software, Laura estimates it would take double the time to complete. 

The real value and time-saving element lies in the error-checking feature, reducing the room for manual errors and ensuring schedules are conflict-free, a crucial aspect of the league's success.

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Via Missoula Softball Association Facebook Page

Laura Verhaeghe, reflecting on Diamond Scheduler's impact, acknowledges the substantial time savings it has bestowed upon the organization. The reallocation of time also meant the association had more room to create and implement new tournaments, which has brought an increase in player registration from across the region.

“It has made our workflow a lot smoother, and given us the ability to be pretty nimble. So I would say it's been an added advantage to us,” says Laura. “It also checks for schedule conflicts, which is a huge bonus and time saver. If you're having to do anything manually, there's a lot more room for error.”

The ability to swiftly generate schedules, coupled with the error-checking mechanism, has streamlined their processes and allowed the league to operate with more agility allowing the Missoula Softball Association to focus on what truly matters—providing an exceptional experience for their players.

In the evolving landscape of softball league management, the Missoula Softball Association stands as a testament to innovation and efficiency. 

Diamond Scheduler, seamlessly integrated with SportsEngine, has not only met the needs of this dynamic organization but has offered time-saving advantages and error-free scheduling. 

As Laura Verhaeghe and her team continue to lead the Missoula Softball Association to new heights, Diamond Scheduler remains a key player in their success story, ensuring that softball in Montana thrives with precision and passion.

Deidra Hunter is a former athlete that now thrives as a content marketer and brand strategist. Her passion for sports has enabled her to contribute to diverse branding, content creation, and writing projects. In her downtime, she engages in lively discussions about sports and business with her friends and family. 

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